All you have to do is sign up, keep track of how far you walk each month for January, February and March and send us in the number at the end of the month. We will add up the totals and see how much mileage Broad Covers put on in a month.

All participants will be entered in a monthly draw for the chance to win a ten dollar gift certificate at The Petite Store ( sponsored by the Broad Cove Community Association)

You can get started tomorrow or you can join in at any time throughout the winter.

How does it Work?
Sign up by messaging this page or e-mailing frier(at) – only name, e-mail and phone number necessary.
Keep track of how many kilometres you walk per month.
Send in your results (either via e-mail to Mary: or Shelley: shelleyc21(at) or send a message to the Broad Cove Community Association FB page or write down the amount you walked and place the information in the envelope on the bulletin board at the hall.)

“You can walk on the Broad Cove Hill
You can walk along the beach
You can walk carrying a leash.

You can walk closer to home
You can choose to walk in Rome
You can walk while here or there
You can travel anywhere.

You can walk while all alone
You can keep track with your phone
You can walk and go quite far
You can walk from door to car

If you never walk, you should – walking is fun, and fun is good!”