Kaitlyn Sears Spring Yoga Classes Start week of March 25th

Kaitlyn is a personal trainer and yoga teacher passionate about empowering you to achieve your big health and fitness goals, and step into the strongest, most vibrant version of you.

Kaitlyn believes that working out doesn’t have to be something you dread, but can be uplifting and fun.


Check out her Yoga classes – Monday or Wednesday evenings at 7PM…


Kaitlyn Sears Spring Fitness classes Start March 25

These upbeat and fun, bootcamp style classes are designed to build strength, cardiovascular endurance, mobility, and balance.

Experience the lasting benefits of regular strength training such as higher energy levels, more confidence, and an elevated mood.

This class is suitable for both beginner and advanced levels of fitness as there are a variety of modifications available. https://kaitlynsearsyoga.com/pages/classes-4

Yoga in Broad Cove with Maddy White

Ageing is a gift that we should embrace.

How we age is key to a fulfilling mid and later life.  I encourage my clients to see yoga as a fundamental part of the ageing well process. My functional approach helps them feel stronger and more confident.

Yoga helps to maintain and increase range of movement, flexibility and strength, whilst developing the mental resources to help deal with life’s curve balls.  Life is about experiences and to enjoy them to the full, we need to remain physically active, the number one predictor of longevity.